The Kielder Strain

** Spoiler Warning ** I'm never sure how much detail is considered a spoiler from one person to the next. And while I don't say anything that I personally consider to be very "spoilery" I put the warning up just in case. This book is hard for me to give a rating to because I … Continue reading The Kielder Strain

The Devil in the White City

I didn't like this book as much as I could have but it's my own fault. I went into this book thinking it was about H.H. Holmes during the 1893 World's fair. The book was recommended to me because it was about H.H. Holmes and I never really looked into it further than the recommendation. … Continue reading The Devil in the White City

The Chase

I started this series looking for some good books about Jack the Ripper and I found "The Cutthroat" which turned out to be book 10 in the Isaac Bell series. After somewhat liking and finishing that book I decided to read the series. I enjoyed most of the chase and am now working on The … Continue reading The Chase

The Five

This isn't the most recent review I've written but I wanted to start out with a favorable review so here comes "The Five".I usually stick to horror fiction. Sometimes fantasy or mystery or sci-fi. However, I decided to try some non-fiction lately and gave The Five by Hallie Rubenhold a go. I am so glad … Continue reading The Five